Holiday, FL Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer Randall Love, PA serves Holiday, FL while focusing on personal injury law claims as a result of motor vehicle accidents.

His area of focus specifically targets automobile and motorcycle related accidents that result in personal injury and or loss of property or both.

Randall is also a motorcycle enthusiast and enjoys representing motorcyclists as a motorcycle lawyer as well.

Randall Love believes in properly informing his clients of all the different options and scenarios related to taking legal action and prides himself on providing realistic expectations.

Holiday, FL is approximately 2.7 miles from Randall’s office in New Port Richey.

Holiday, FL was founded in the early 1960’s when William W. Boyd, Then president of First Federal Savings & Loan Lobbied for support to name the community that his bank was in “Holiday”.

Since the last census Holiday, FL had a population of 21,904 people with a population density of roughly 4,000 people per square mile.