Land O Lakes, FL Personal Injury Lawyer

While concentrating on personal injury law associated with automobile or motorcycle accidents, Randall also handles Land O Lakes wrongful death claims related to car crashes or motorcycle accidents as well.

Personal injury law in Land O Lakes is practiced under the same laws that govern all of Florida and is located just 20 minutes from Randall’s office in New Port Richey.

Although less frequent than automobile fatalities, motorcycle accidents tend to have a greater fatality rate than auto wrecks because quite simply motorcycles do not protect you from bodily injuries like a car can.

It can be argued that motorcyclists have to be “more’ careful and cognisant of their driving surroundings than car motorists because they have so much less protection.

You should always drive safe no matter what vehicle you are driving and always use your common sense along the way.

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Land O Lakes, FL was first introduced as a possible new town at a community meeting in 1949. The 2010 census calculated the population at 31,145.